Top 10 Questions you should ask your Cleaning Contractor during a Pandemic! Arm yourself with Knowledge!

We are getting many questions from Clients, Cleaning Companies and the Community concerned about surface and facility disinfection. There is much misinformation and many “so-called” experts on this topic especially during a pandemic. If your service provider is offering disinfection cleaning, here is our list of questions that you should ask them to confirm they know how to disinfect correctly.

  1. What Disinfection Cleaning Process or Guidelines are you following or adhering too?
  2. What disinfectant are you using? Is it a sterilant or disinfectant? Is it effective against viruses? Does the cleaner know what the chemical active is?
  3. Can you or the manufacturer provide biological efficacy test data?
  4. Can you or the manufacturer provide Regulatory Approval Certificates?
  5. How is it applied to surfaces?
  6. What is the contact or exposure time required to achieve virucidal kill?
  7. Is it approved for use in the facility you are cleaning? Is the disinfectant food safe for use in a kitchen? Is it TGA approved for use in a Hospital?
  8. Do the cleaning staff understand and been appropriately trained in the use of the disinfectant?
  9. If your cleaning company is fogging/fumigating, do they have a Fumigation License and appropriate fumigation qualification? It may illegal to fumigate in your state without a license.
  10. Is your cleaning company providing any form of post disinfection certification or validation?

If your cleaning contractor cannot answer these questions confidently, I would question their ability to properly and effectively disinfect your facility.

If your cleaning company is not already providing high level disinfection cleaning or outbreak management response cleaning, they should not be providing it during a Pandemic.

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