Fogging Disinfection

No matter how comprehensive a physical cleaning and disinfection regime is, it is extremely difficult to completely eliminate microbial cross contamination from surfaces and the air which could cause product/process spoilage and safety issues. Whilst targeted physical cleaning and disinfection regimes may be sufficient to maintain day to day contamination, they are not necessarily sufficient to eliminate the array of micro-organisms which can persist in facilities.

As an additional treatment to traditional physical cleaning methods, a facility can be fogged to provide whole room decontamination, including in difficult to reach areas like ceilings, high walls and cupboards. Fogging also minimises the need to use ladders and access equipment to disinfect elevated furniture and equipment.

Fogs can be administered through Ultra Low Volume (ULV) or Electrostatic (ES) foggers and can achieve high levels of airborne and surface decontamination. Fogging is effective against a wide range of viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores depending on the disinfectant used. 

Professional Fog generators produce fine mists, in significant quantities for maximum impact. High concentrations of fine fog remain in the air to give effective disinfection times. Fogging is very effective at microbial control.

However, Fogging/fumigation of disinfectants requires a license in most States and Territories for internal and external use. The State based Department of Health normally license for internal use and Federal Department of Agriculture for external fumigation. Fogging is considered a form of Fumigation in most States/Territories in Australia and Contractor to be licensed. Most States recognize licensees from other States. To obtain a license to fumigate, contractors must have successfully completed Certificate in Pest Management and been assessed for competency by an approved assessor.

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